Our Story

YOD Abyssinia Traditional Restaurant, established in 2003, is one of the pioneering and most reputable traditional restaurants in Addis Ababa, introducing proudly the Ethiopian hospitality through diverse cuisines, cultural dance and music. ‘YOD’ means ‘witness or speak out’ in the Gurage ethnic group where the owner, Ato Tizazu Kore, is originally from. And ‘Abyssinia’ is the ancient name of Ethiopia and the region known today as Horn of Africa.

Against the one-sided international news and misguided perception of Ethiopia, YOD envisages enlightening the whole world of the very facts about Ethiopia, an outstanding destination for travelers and adventurous tourists, a country of rich tribal culture, Christian and Islam history, endemic wildlife and gracious landscape, with remarkable manner in which ancient historical traditions have been preserved, and with great efforts to similarly preserve its natural heritage.

In a cozy environment, designed and built in an Ethiopian fashion demonstrating the diverse natural and historical sites, life style, culture, and values representing the various nations and nationalities across the nation, YOD serves the varieties of local dishes and drinks along with spectacular music and dance performance of the diverse Ethiopian ethnic groups accompanied by traditional musical instruments, promoting the Ethiopian culture and traditions for tourists and travelers to Ethiopia.